We run camps that primarily use water sports such as kiteboarding and surfing. In the downtime (no wind or weather dependant) we incorporate mountain biking, hiking, mountaineering and other activities to create camaraderie and bonding with like-minded individuals. Ex-soldiers and First Responders often miss these aspects of their jobs dearly; the members of our team have all experienced this. It left us all feeling isolated from normal society while trying to put our new lives together. 


Using these camps we give Veterans and First Responders access to activities that are safe and easy to learn. The learning phase will help bring them closer together all while bridging the gap during the difficult transition to civilian life. The peer support will assist them in dealing with their Operational Stress Injuries. They will realize as they continue on with these sports, that there are many like-minded individuals that they can relate to in the civilian world. Kiteboarding and Surfing have small, tight knit communities all over the planet. All of our Founders have experienced this bond through traveling to different countries and participating in these sports. We realized the healing benefits of learning these activities and the similar bonding experiences that we left behind in the Canadian Armed Forces. 


We will run these camps in locations like Cape Town - South Africa, Hood River - USA, Squamish - Canada and Brazil to name a few. This adds to the incredible Adventure aspect of the sports we will be teaching. In our experience, traveling abroad has been an amazing way to discover the culture and camaraderie aspect of kiting and surfing. 


All of us have had our own struggles in one way or another once leaving the forces. Everything from reintegrating to normal society to being medically released due to an Operational Stress Injury. By participating in these sports and traveling the world to do them we realized the phenomenal healing power they had for all of us. What we want more than anything is to use these remarkable sports to help heal other wounded Veterans and First Responders. In the future we also plan to expand our capacity and welcome other Veterans and First responders to the Rogue Family with employment opportunities. Also as our ranks grow, we would like to run our camps for civilians (troubled youth) and American Veterans. The Rogue Teams goal is to reach out and help as many people as possible.